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 Toris Lorinaitis

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Character Name: Toris Lorinaitis

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Umbra

Age: 20

Appearance: [[warning: large imgs]]
Mutant Abilities: Darkforce User

X-Men or Brotherhood: Brotherhood

Sexuality: He will take any chance he can get.

Personality: He is sadistic, vain, cynical, and critical. At times he can be lethargic and doesn’t like doing things for other people without a good reason. He seems to hate the world. He can be very blunt with his feelings, appearing not care too much about how what he says might affect other people. He can be short tempered with people who don’t understand him. He also seems to try to tune people out. Because of how his powers affect him he feels as though he is slowly disappearing into the Dark realm. He doesn’t want to be attached to anyone or anything in this world so that when he finally disappears for good that no one will miss him. He puts up a mental wall and that is why he acts the way he does towards people. He is actually really sweet and caring but hides this side of himself away. He likes being in warm places and things because he is constantly cold from using the Darkforce.

Background: Born January 16th 1991 in New York City. His father has been absent all his life. His mother- though always able to take excellent physical care of him- was a tyrant over her home. She also only felt affection toward the hose hold cat. In response he would torment the cat and other kids that be came into contact with. His bullying habits got him expelled from several schools during his junior high education. Though from a young age he had known he had powers, his first experience with them had left a bad taste in his mouth and so he tried as hard as he was able to repress them- being scared of what might happen. The harder he tried to keep them from showing the harder they seemed to want to be released. The longer he kept them inside the more haunted by them he became and he tougher it was to keep them in. The day he finally couldn’t bare holding them in any longer was the day that he ran away from his home. He lived homeless for a few weeks -terrorizing the locals into believing that the old house he was taking refuge in was extremely haunted. He lived off of crumbs and dirt like this until he found new refuge with the Brotherhood.
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Toris Lorinaitis
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