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 What You Should Know

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PostSubject: What You Should Know   What You Should Know I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 7:29 am

-There is no god-modding, sorry none of that in our tent of fun

Welcome to our beloved circus~ This is where the peope who feel the need to express and show their talents could be found. The entertainers range from acrobats, clowns, and musicians to juggalers, lion tamers, and so much more~ The freakier the wilder the better!

The Trailers

Here is where our wonderful cir-cees live, sleep, and eat. This is where they can chill and still be a part of the circus, and where they usually keep their belongings.

The Big Top

This is where the performances count and the main events take place. This is where the audience will come all around to sit and watch you do your talent in the very center of the tent. The circle of people, the hot air, and the many lights might add to the pressure, but this is what the circus is about. Showing your stuff

Behind of Scenes

This is whats going on behind stage, behind those huge red curtains and closed doors, during and before events and performances. Where the actual staff would get ready add apply their make up and dress in their costumes. In here you'll be able to sense the rush, excitment, and even nervousness before every performance.

The Strip

In here you could relax and play one of the many carnival games that go down a path, either if be a simple game of pitching a ball to hit a pyramid of bottles or

Everwhere else

Basically the title says it all...~
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What You Should Know
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