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A Collection of Alternate Universe Hetalia Role-plays
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 What You Should Know

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PostSubject: What You Should Know   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:22 am

Welcome to the world of chivalry and honour! A world in which barbarians, knights, lord and ladies, mages with foot long beards, as well as extremely complicated love polygons occur, not forgetting those creatures of old, like dragons!

This roleplay is set in the medieval era. The Early Middle Ages saw the continuation of trends set in Late Antiquity, depopulation, deurbanization, and increased barbarian invasion. Later in the period, the establishment of the feudal system allowed a return to systemic agriculture. There was sustained urbanization in northern and Western Europe. During the High Middle Ages, Christian-oriented art and architecture flourished and Crusades were mounted to recapture the Holy Land. The influence of the emerging nation-state was tempered by the ideal of an international Christendom. The codes of chivalry and courtly love set rules for proper behaviour, while the Scholastic philosophers attempted to reconcile faith and reason.

The Castle
The castle is a stone fortified residence for those of the royal family and their subjects. Surrounding the castle is a moat, flooded by the nearest stream, in which one can only cross it via the drawbridge, in which can only be drawn down from inside the castle. For extra defence, arrow slits for the archers can be found on the walls to ward off invaders and to act as the first line of defence. The royal family and the other nobles reside within the main castle building. Feasts and such occur also within the building.

The keep on top of the motte was the domicile of the lord in charge of the castle and a bastion of last defence, while the bailey is the home of the rest of the lord's household and gave them protection. The barracks for the garrison, stables, workshops, and storage facilities were often found in the bailey. Water was supplied by a well or cistern. A keep was a great tower and usually the most strongly defended point of a castle. Underneath the castle is the dungeon in which criminals are thrown as penalty for their crime.

The Town Square
This area is where most of the subjects, consisted of the kingdom’s peasants, reside. Merchants and tradesmen do most of their haggling and buying here. Barter and exchange is the ordinary sight found here. Entertainers and such, like gypsies, also do their work here.

Within the town, one can find the inn, bakery, butcher, blacksmith and tavern.

The Thieves ‘Camp
The Thieves’ Camp is located on the outskirts, in which the canopy of the forest gives thieves the edge in their game. Rouge, exiled knights and such seek refuge here. The camp consists of cloth tents using trees as posts. A fireplace is found blazing freely in the middle of the camp, surrounded by whatever is going to be the meal of the day, may it be a dead here or salmon from the nearby stream.

Scattered in a portion of the camp are stolen goods from various skirmishes made by thieves. These goods were stolen from merchants or noblemen who tend to pass by unknowingly. Hung on various ropes are clothes belonging to the thieves’ themselves, hung to dry

Everywhere Else
This is the area in which other miscellaneous locations are found such as the stream, fields and hunting grounds.
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What You Should Know
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